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Air conditioner not cold enough

Although Ms. Leung has asked related technician to check the operation of the air conditioner and the coolant system, her air conditioner is still not cool enough.

After a detailed investigation, we found that the outdoor unit which installed on the window sill has a problem of air flow in and out. The hot air exhausted from the fuselage was blown to the opposite balcony wall, and the hot air was slammed back into the outdoor fuselage repeatedly and trapped in the same space. Without proper heat dissipation, hot exhausted air was accumulated in the already enclosed space on three sides, hence effective cooling function of the outdoor unit was affected. 

We re-positioned the outdoor unit such that the air outlet of the unit was facing outwards to dissipate heat and to avoid exhausted hot air being trapped and sucked back into the unit. As a result, the air conditioner resumed its normal cooling function. Ms. Leung’s problem was solved.




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