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Wooden door did not open and close smoothly

Mr. Lam’s bedroom door was old and could not be closed properly. Our carpenter was asked to resolve the problem. He observed that the door was slightly sagging, resulting in poor engagement with the door frame lock. A common resolution was to adjust the door hinge screws and tighten them to fix the poor door engagement. However, our carpenter found that the wood material of the screw holes on the door frame had become mouldy, causing some of the screw heads to loosen. In this case, our carpenter decided to remove the entire door, drilled all the old screw holes in the door frame slightly larger, inject strong nail glue with hard wood strip, and added on one extra stainless steel door hinge to strengthen the load-bearing tension. After two days when the nail glue completely dried up the door was re-installed. Our carpenter used a durable method to resolve the trouble of Mr. Lam “once and for all!”




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